When your wedding venue turns off the lights and the florist takes down the decorations,
the only tangible items left of the most emotional day of your life will be photographs.

That's where I come in.

Through a narrative approach (and really storytelling is about story-listening)
I help you recall all the big spectacular moments and a few that you would have otherwise missed. 

Documenting real people getting married and the people that celebrate them
with a combination of film + digital images, a spirit of service, and love of genuine moments
for weddings as close as my actual backyard in Nashville, TN and as far away as California. 
No matter your destination, I'm there to laugh and cry with you and remember your story.

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There's a certain urgency that marks my work these days. 

I've photographed weddings for five years now.
Just long enough that some of the people that I've photographed
aren't with us anymore.

Big fat tears roll down my face now when I look at certain weddings.

While outwardly I'm smiling and joyful for you on your wedding day,
my inner voice says persistently, "Presence. People. Preserve."
I'm searching for the moments that bring you back again
to the day and to the people that you chose to gather around yourself.

It matters.

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