Maybe the more we let out, the stronger it'll grow
Till all who, fall in its path feel the warmth of its glow
And our love will be a river, flowing out into the sea
Started in the mountains
Where you washed my feet

-Holly Arrowsmith, Love Will Be a River

As the rolling storm clouds gathered, I held my breath.

Chelsea + Braden's wedding was a classic southern affair at Carnton Plantation. With hurricane season upon us, we all knew that there could be some serious rain. As the big drops fell while Chelsea dressed, I thought about how apt the setting was.

This is Chelsea and Braden's story: they waited for each other. No obstacle has been too big for them, no cloud too dark. Together, they share faith, hope and love.

Just before the ceremony was to begin, the rain broke. The clouds hovered on the skyline and it was beautiful.