"And from what I can tell
Love’s not a feeling
We all wake up with in the morning
I believe we have to choose
Make those vows each day anew
To give yourself to me and myself to you" 

-Holly Arrowsmith, Canyons

I think my job as a photographer mainly consists of knowing when to simply let people be themselves. 

Brittany + Tom have been married for several years, but because of their service to our country in the airforce, have not had the opportunity to experience a wedding. This coming October, they are coming back to Nashville from Maine to celebrate all that has been and all that is to come. With three children and so much life experience behind them, their love is rich and full. 

With only the gentlest of direction, I was able to capture what their love truly looks like; kind, caring, affectionate. What a special session this was.